Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I first picked up a camera at the early age of 12, wanting to shoot portraits of people surrounding me.


As I grew up, social media also grew in importance: the whole industry moved online, which enabled me to see the bigger international picture. Having graduated from school, I moved to Munich, where I naturally felt the transition to people and fashion photography and two years later I worked at the biggest photo-studio in Germany. Now I’m a freelance photographer and study photo design at Hochschule München. 



I want to create emotional images of people who will reveal the spiritual world of the person portrayed to the audience. The color of the ski, the shape of the face, the proportions and silhouette of our body is a work of art.

I see the beauty of each person who trusts me to open up in front of my camera.

But besides beauty, each of us has its own history, its own character, its own worldview. These three components make us individual and unique.

Clothes, shoes, accessories serve as an addition to our history. Sometimes this addition can say more about us than we do.



Therefore I work with people who inspire me with their inner and outer beauty day after day. I write their story with them, which makes their portrait individually emotional.

My photos must breathe, scream, must be dynamic and alive. I want them to inspire people as much as people inspire me. 


To accomplish my goal, I use unusual angles, disproportion and artificial light to show identity from a different angle.